RED Tribe Arising | Understanding the Move


Sunday Worship | English Service, 11:00AM

RED 4 C | Restored. Equipped. Dispatched. for such a Time as this

 There comes a time in a church organization when God invites us on a MOVE with Him.  It's a moment of Sending.  We have been restored, we have been equipped and now dispatched for a mission.   

The word Dispatch is defined as: send off to a destination or for a purpose. To deal with a task, problem, or opponent quickly and efficiently. 

What is the task or presenting problem we have been equipped to deal with efficiently? 

God doesn't want even One person to perish.  He wants all His children to receive His gift of salvation.  A church body is to be saved, restored and equipped so that it will be launched, dispatched, sent into the world to save, restore, and equip others.   In other words, You are a Disciple equipped to make disciples. 

What is the message that you are equipped with?

As Believers, we are equipped with the compass of heaven.  Jesus Christ being our true North.  Finding Jesus in every circumstance in life will help keep you stable in all your ways; balanced, always hitting the mark with victory.  If you take your eyes off Jesus, you will lose your place.  You will get lost and off of your purpose.  We find our purpose in Christ.   If you have had an encounter with God, then you are familiar with these statements.  You understand that Jesus is our True North.  We look to Him and relay on Him for everything and especially for the remission of our sins, our errors and our mistakes. We look to Him for healing and restoration.  But there is a lost world that has not known Jesus and needs Him desperately.  All believers are the hands, feet and mouth of God.  Every. one. of. us. 

Will you go on this Mission?  Will you say yes to the Call to Make disciples? You are Equipped.  Are you ready to be launched? 

Mission | RED Sala Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

The Mission is simple. Surrender your life to a partnership with the Holy Spirit.  You can serve the Lord begining today by sharing your resources and home for the work of the ministry.  This is your winning season.  If each one of us makes one disciple we would be walking in our purpose.  You can be the purest form of the church right from where you are. Workplace, School, Home.  At play, in get-togethers, Bible studies, coorpoarte gatherings and in your neighborhoods. 

Gathering Spaces 

A Coorporate gathering place is still relevant and important to the Lord and to His Body (us the church).  Will we ever go back to a building?  Yes. but reimagined. (CLUE: Isaiah 56:7)  Stay connected to learn more about this.  For now, dream again,  For now, position yourself to learn and hear directions so that you may know your part in it all. You are important to this mission.   

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