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Restored, Equipped and Dispatched!

Somos Restaurados, equipados y enviados para la gloria de Dios! 

RED 4 Christ has partnered with The Cleveland Awakening an evangelistic Tour that is coming to North East Ohio.

Here is RED's New Tee Shirt Design.  Your contribution of $27 per T-shirt will help us raise the money we need to contribute towards the Cleveland Awakening Evangelistic efforts for 2022.

This Form is to collect the T-shirt Orders. The more Tee shirts we order the better the Fund raiser! So share with your family and Friends. We will be wearing these Tee shirts to show unity and uniformity when we participate in Outreach this Summer. 

To contact us, please simply complete the online form below. (Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.)

For immediate assistance, please email us at 


  1. Fill out form 
  2. Please let us know how many Tee shirts you need, indicate Color, Size, and Spanish or English Tee-Shirt. 
  3. The Sizes are S,M,L, XL, 2XL, 3XL | Colors are Indigo Blue, Military Green and Black 
  4. We have 4XL in Black and Military Green only for $40 

Military Green


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