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Sunday Worship | English Service, 11:00AM

We want to Stay in Touch with you

I read a quote about communication that really touched me,  "Communication works for those who work at it."  This is an area that always needs improvement,  will you partner with us in revamping the way we communicate at RED?  We don't want anyone to feel left out or be misinformed.  

How can you help? 

We want to collect emails and phone numbers or all the members, regular attendees and visitors.  This website has the ability to collect all that information.  we also want to know your birthdays and address.  You can help be simply registering with us.  Subscribe to this Website today so that we can stay in touch with you and your family.  You can submit prayer requests, give your offerings and tithes and connect with others.  

There are two ways for you toregister: 

1. click the Login to Create a New profile yourself.  or

2. enter your information in this form and we will register you ourselves.  (if you choose this option, we will need your Birthdate, address, cell phone number, email address and let us know if you are a member, regular attendee or visitor)  

We make this invitation with Love, 

Pastors Nate and Brisy Ortiz and the REDTribe Ministry Team

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