Pandemic Response


Sunday Worship | English Service, 11:00AM

Love God and Love our Neighbor 

Our prayers and compassion go out to those who have been affected by the Corona Virus outbreak.  This pandemic has touched many lives in adverse ways and we bring suplication to the Lord for relief for all people.  He is able and willing to heal our sicknesses and pain.  

RED 4 Christ Ministries is taking precautions to join in the effort to reduce the COVID-19 cases.  Our services are still on Sunday Morning at 11am.

  • We are practicing Social Distancing by positioning the chairs in groups of 7 to 8 so that immediate family can sit together.  each chair grouping is more then 6 feet apart from eachother. 
  • When our State recommends smaller groups we pre-plan services of 10 or less people. 
  • Masks are required until you are seated at your chair.  You are welcome to keep the mask on or take it off, as long as you are not socializing with others.  
  • RED 4 Christ has never put a demand on people to attend church and the pandemic has not changed that.  People are free to choose to attend church or not without judgement.  But we encourage everyone to stay connected to the Body of Christ and especially to your Local, Home Church.  This is crucial in our faith.  Our worship services are recorded on FaceBook Live.  You can visit our Group page entitled TheREDTribe by following this link on Sundays at 11am:

Our Spiritual Heart Response

It is our joy to give God Thanks in ALL things.  We believe that God's love and affection for His creation reigns Supreme still.  He is aware of all that is happening around us and He is filled with compassion for the condition of humanity.  Throughout history we see Chaos and Crisis have always come with an opportunity for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be spread and revived in the land.  This Pandemic is no different.  Yes it is a trageedy, but don't let your hearts be troubled.  Turn your eyes toward heaven and seek God while He may yet be found.  This is a good opportunity to regroup and reset our spiritual environments.  Ask yourself these questions and welcome Holy Spirit to guide you in your honest response: 

  1. How Prospers My Soul or How is My soul? 
  2. How is My faith? 
  3. What are my eyes gazing upon? 
  4. How Can I respond to Jesus Christ's invitation to trust Him in this Season we are in?   

We are praying for you and your family.  Be Safe.  Stay Connected.  Belive God.  

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