Out of Hiding The E-Book


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About the Book

Brisy published a book titled Out of Hiding, an inspirational testimony of deliverance from depresssion in 2018, This book is now available as an E-Book.  You can learn more about Briseida Oritz's ministry and find the book link here (Click the image to learn more). 

This is an inspirational e-book about what I learned in the valley of depression & how I overcame. I share 4 Keys that helped me discover the source of my pain ansd set me on a path towards freedom. Included is a printable 4-page journal with prompts to help you dialog with God about your pain.

What People are saying about Out of Hiding

"I finished reading Out of Hiding with a huge smile on my face. It’s such a delightful read…Her story unfolds with passion and authenticity. You will want to cozy up with your favorite hot beverage, a throw, and keep the tissues handy. Brisy is a natural communicator and teacher…My guess is you will not be able to put this book down." -Forward by J. Pleasant 


"I cried the whole book, I read it in 2hrs at work" -J.Caraballo

"I read the whole book, and it's a blessing I'm truly glad I bought it cause now I know I don't have to be ashamed and I can be transparent with God and know that he can turn my life around if I do so, Big thank you for writing this book and looking forward to the next one."- M.Valentin

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